Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rankmaniac 2012 - Book Exchange

I guess we can all agree that is a classy establishment.

rankmaniac 2012

Rankmaniac 2012 - Friendzoned

In honor of Valentine's Day...

rankmaniac 2012

Rankmaniac 2012 - A Little Ironic

What do we do now when the firetruck catches on fire?

rankmaniac 2012

Rankmaniac 2012: Last Chance For Glory!

Rankmaniac 2012 - First place here we come!

Within the last couple days both of our websites relating to the rankmaniac 2012 competition have been indexed by Google, and for a brief period of time we were in third place! To celebrate, enjoy this photo which represents our state of mind as our 2012 rankmaniac images rise up through the ranks of Google Image Search.
Rankmaniac 2012 Incoming Baby
If you want to help out our cause in the Rankmaniac 2012 competition, please go ahead check out our other websites.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rankmaniac 2012: Michael Phelps = High Class

Check out this new addition to our efforts to win the rankmaniac 2012 competition...

Don't worry - We'll be a better sport than Michael Phelps if we win this year's (2012) Caltech Rankmaniac Competition

Rankmaniac 2012 - Books for Dumb People

Rankmaniac 2012 Picture

New Rankmaniac 2012 Image!
Rankmaniac 2012 Dumb Person
Hmm, I was actually thinking of recommending him Twilight, but this works too - rankmaniac 2012

Rankmaniac 2012: Another Unfortunate Rider

Rankmaniac 2012 Biker on Fire

Rankmaniac 2012: Now I know why I don't use a bike on campus...